What Happens When You Miss at Life?


You may want to read part one of this story before you go any further with part two. If you don’t mind reading out of order keep reading. If you’re interested in part one please click here. The team talked about that goal for weeks. I held to my story that I did it on [...]

Hit Your Target Every Time (on accident)

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As a child Soccer was my sport. I played every year from ages 5-16.  Skill wise I was OK but never great. Good enough to make the starting lineup but never the star of the team. Some of my fondest sports memories are because I was on teams of average players that worked together in [...]

Irrational Fears and Pulling Teeth

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Do you remember losing teeth as a kid? What a terrifying experience. At least the first few. The pain, the bleeding, the wondering if you were going to accidentally swallow the thing in your sleep. (Which my son, Seth, did 2 nights ago.) I’ve never been fond of anticipation. As a child I was always [...]

Will Your Story Fail?

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Living a better story means pursuing your calling, and passions. It’s about seeing dreams become reality. More precisely it’s about being willing to dream and to recognize which dreams to let go and which dreams to pursue. A dream worth pursuing is a cause worth investing in, all the way, not holding back. There’s no [...]

You Got What They Need

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We all need. We need affirmation, confirmation, love. We need someone to believe in us and we need them to tell us. We need to hear the stories of those older, wiser, stronger. We need to hear and share the stories of the survivors. These people give us comfort, hope and encouragement. These are the [...]