Why It Is OK, Even Good, To Hurt.

Wooden Chair

Last fall when Heather and I began to go through foster parent training we were confident of one thing. Our hearts would be broken. Repeatedly. We had to confront the notion that while everything inside of us wants to run from danger and pain, this process would put us on a direct path toward it. [...]

How Your Failure Can Lead to Success


My son, Seth, has been tossing around the idea of learning to ride his bike. Weighing the pros and cons. Pros of being independent and because it looks cool. Cons in that he’ll likely fall a few times and might get hurt. He’s 6 and in the first grade so we all agreed it’s time [...]

Our Deadly Secret- Suicide [what can I do?]

I share the quote in this post because I believe it represents one way in which people view life. At the same time there are incredibly gifted, talented, funny, joyful, kind, caring, incredible people that struggle to simply get out of bed in the morning or want to live.

It’s understanding and love that would be a good first step.

Our Deadly Secret- Suicide


Doug, or Dougie, as we all call him, wasn’t there to celebrate with us. In fact, there wasn’t a celebration at all. I did the same thing I’ve done every July 24 for the past 10 years. I wrote my little brother a note. I told him that I missed him, that I loved him. I allowed myself to do something I don’t normally do.

Personal Development Plan- Step One


Each of us is given a life to live. Each of us is also given the choice of what to do with that life. Like a blank page we’re allowed to write the story of our lives. What’s the plot? What’s the adversary? Who are the characters? Have you cast yourself as the main character? How will the story end? How will you arrive at your destination?