Nick Cerda

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6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Your Next Meeting

You’d never be happy to have people come to your house for dinner and just sit there and stay silent the whole time, or sit there and play on their phone, so why be content to have that happen to your meeting.

Garden or Grass

Growing a garden is another story. The soil must be tilled and fertilized. The plants must be planted in rows, in the correct order, and near the correct plants. The garden must be watered properly and receive the right amount of sunlight.

Unhappy? Blame Yourself

Your system is producing the results it was perfectly designed to produce. Systems don’t have a mind of their own. They don’t operate freely with their own agenda like some rogue artificial intelligence. Systems operate within the confines they were designed.  Systems produce the results they were created to produce. Which means… If you aren’t getting the results you want… Stop blaming outside influences. Start blaming your system. Stop blaming people. Blame your system. Stop […]

What’s Your Problem?

We spend exponentially more time offering solutions to problems than we do trying to accurately diagnose. We spend so much time, energy and effort solving our problems but never stop to assess whether what we’re solving is REALLY the problem.

Two Ways to Overcome Failure

What you’re doing isn’t working. What you’re trying to do isn’t producing the results you intended.