There’s a Better Way


Love Joy Peace Patience Kindness Goodness Faithfulness Gentleness Self-control You might recognize that as a verse from the Bible. If you’re wondering it’s in Paul’s letter to the Galatians. It’s in chapter 5 verse 23 (if you’re interested in reading it more in context.) I’ve heard those words my whole life and while often the words […]

Confronting the Ugly

There is in each of us things, character traits, personality flaws, disgusting beliefs, bigotry, xenophobia and even racism, that we aren’t proud. Hopefully, these things disgust and repulse us. When given the opportunity we should confront and seek to eradicate these horrendous beliefs. I should be more clear. We should create opportunities to confront and eradicate these beliefs. Experience […]

The Very Best People

are teachable. Teachable People: Keep Learning. Seek to understand then seek to be understood. Humbly receive input. Make changes where necessary. Teachable people are: likable easy to work with solution oriented adaptable Be teachable.

5 Leadership lessons

A good leader is hard to find. A great leader is developed intentionally.

I Always Feel Like…


I always feel like…somebody’s watching me. (you know you want to) I heard it as a kid. “Nick, watch what you do because someone is watching you and is copying you.” I always thought mom was being a bit dramatic until my little brother, who is 6 and a half years younger than me, got […]