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Happy Father’s Day, Fellas!

Men, let me tell you. We’re doing a good job. I see father’s teaching their kids new things. I see dads working hadn’t in hand with moms to show their sons and daughters it’s ok to take risks, try new things and maybe even fail from time to time.

3 Attributes of a High Quality Coach

I’ve been encouraged by the uptick in personal, professional and ministry coaching in recent years. Young professionals in particular are seeing the benefits of seeking the wisdom and input of those who have gone before them.

3 Reasons You Need a Coach

My last post 3 Conversations You Should Be Having With Yourself is the first in a series that outlines the benefits of coaching. That post was about self-assessment which will hopefully lead to self-coaching. But let’s be real. Have you ever tried to coach yourself? Think of the last time you started a fitness routine. You did the research. You made a spreadsheet. You might have even done some or all of the workouts. But […]

3 Conversations You Should Be Having With Yourself

Most people spend a majority of their lives unsuccessfully fighting the idea of aligning purpose with vocation.

This Doesn’t Make Sense

In these times I remember praying. Not the safe for kids, g rated praying we do in church. I mean the kind of praying you read about in the Psalms. The getting real with God praying.