Almost only counts in horseshoes, hand grenades and dreams.

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The 100 Mile Western States Endurance Run takes runners from Squaw Valley, CA and ends in Auburn, CA. During the run runners are treated to some of the most beautiful scenery the United States has to offer. The last mile of the run takes you down residential streets and ends with runners half lapping a [...]

Avoiding the Peril of Expired Dreams

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One day I’d like to ride my bike cross country. One day I’d like to hike that trail. One day I’d like to take the kids on a missions trip. One day I’d like to ________. “One day” sounds great. It’s the stuff dreams are made of and every body needs dreams. Dreams help us [...]

Pics From the Greatest Day of My Life and a Free Book

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Four years ago today Heather and I met our daughter, Haley, for the first time. Rather than drive to the hospital with the boys to meet their new little sister we drove to the adoption agency. None of us knew what to expect. We had an idea of WHAT was going to happen but as with most things [...]

A Man’s Guide to Surviving a Trip to The Fabric Store

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I’m pretty focused on “story” right now. I love to dig into my memory and recall the childhood experiences that shaped me. It’s an interesting exercise for me. It’s also great to see how the stories resonate with you, the reader. For this post, in a desire to “keep it real”, I thought I’d do [...]

What Happens When You Miss at Life?


You may want to read part one of this story before you go any further with part two. If you don’t mind reading out of order keep reading. If you’re interested in part one please click here. The team talked about that goal for weeks. I held to my story that I did it on [...]