Nick Cerda

Live well. Lead well.

Leadership is Service

Not all service is leadership but all leadership is service. Never try to lead people you don’t serve. Jesus told us that leadership and service go hand in hand and that it’s impossible to have genuine leadership without genuine love. Authentic leadership is rooted from and birthed in a heart of service.  Reversing that order. Leading for another reason than the betterment of people always results in suffering.

Making the Leadership Shift

In the church this model works great, and is even necessary, at the 100, 200, and 300 attender level. If the capacity of the leader is high enough it can even work into the 400s. But at this point there is simply too much work to be done for this leader to be player-coach for every team he leads. His or her relationship with teams must change. Less doing more coaching.

The Winning Formula

When things are good and profits are up, employee morale is high and productivity is peaking, it’s easy to assume you’ve developed a winning formula. And you have. You’ve developed a winning formula for what you USE TO do. The problem is you aren’t going what you used to do. You’ve been successful and the very nature of success means you’ve moved on to the next level and this new level requires a new formula. […]

Nothing is Free

Nothing. Every decision comes at a cost. Deciding to work late comes at the expense of free time or time with your family. Deciding to allocate money here means less money there. Investing emotional energy in that opportunity means less emotional energy available for this one. As long as there is one finite factor a decision will come at a definite cost.  Every decision is an allocation.

3 Keys of Successful Communication

Being a good communicator is key. Communication effects every area of your life. Friends, work, family, marriage are all relationship whose success hinges on successful communication. The better your communication the better these areas of your life.