I Always Feel Like…


I always feel like…somebody’s watching me. (you know you want to) I heard it as a kid. “Nick, watch what you do because someone is watching you and is copying you.” I always thought mom was being a bit dramatic until my little brother, who is 6 and a half years younger than me, got […]

3 Things I’ve Never Seen an Adult Learn


You can teach an adult how to swim, ride a bike and hula hoop but you can’t teach character, capacity and competency

Show Up


Looking for an unfair advantage? Want to get a step ahead of the others running the same race as you. Do two things.  Show up. Be there. Show up. Show up when it rains. Show up when you’re sad, mad, and glad. Show up when you feel like it and when you don’t. Show up […]

Things Can Get Better


I believe things can be better. Better tomorrow than yesterday. Better next week than today. In life’s natural flow nothing ever stays the same. Natural flow is just that. Flow, constantly moving. Our minds don’t like that. When we leave our keys on the counter we expect them to be right where we left them […]

5 Tips to Frustrating (nearly) Everyone in Your Life


Family or friends. Spouses, kids or parents. Coworkers, bosses and strangers. There are a few things you can do that will frustrate all of them equally. 5 Tips to Frustrating (nearly) Everyone in Your Life Expect others to read your mind. Hold too high of expectations for every experience in your life. Rely on others […]