Opiates and Babies

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Because of those differences you feel compelled to tell your story not out of a need to correct the original but perhaps to shine different light in different dark places of the situation. After all that’s what stories do, right? Shed light and share perspective.

The Third Wheel

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The depth of a person’s unique qualities cannot be drawn out by one person.

Press Pause

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We all need a place where we can just be. Where we can intentionally not worry, not problem solve, not try to fix, get ahead or catch up. It might be a coffee shop, or an ice cream shop, or a beautiful view along side a river.

The Purpose of Chaos

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What are the odds a 13 year old is paying attention 100% of the time and what are the odds five 13 year olds are paying attention to the same thing at any given time or at all?

The Art of Kite Flying (and parenting)

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In kindergarten and first grade my family lived in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Before it was a prison it was a beautiful place for a family to live. Iguanas roamed the beaches in packs. Playgrounds were filled with young children. All children could wander the neighborhood. Even as young as we were we could play until […]