The Best Teams

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What can you do today to improve team health and build the team you want to work with?


Mile 41 of the 100 Mile Pinhoti trail run is at the top of Mt. Cheaha in Alabama. It’s a major aid station with a lot of crew overlap and the crews are there a long time. During this time you get a chance to see just how tough the climb is up Mt. Cheaha […]

Leadership Thoughts

don’t avoid the difficult road just because it’s less travelled don’t take the difficult road unnecessarily, there is no shame in things being easy leaders go first, unless it’s in a line for food then it’s good form to not go first try to never be the smartest person in the room. clarify the win 29/30

Step One


If you follow this blog at all you know that this is day 28 of a 30 day writing challenge for me. I need a cheat day today. My mind is tired and going in a billion directions. The classic cheat? What have I learned through this writing challenge? I’ll tell you… All kinds of good […]

Uneven Dispersion

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Pain is not dispersed evenly among man. Suffering is not divvied out according to the previously amount suffered. You cannot pay your suffering dues and none are exempt from the trials the future will hold. The present gives no notice to the future and the future pays no attention to the past. To those who […]