Start Small

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“Whether you believe you can or you can’t. You’re right.” -Henry Ford Now let’s be real. Belief is great. Belief gives you vision. Belief gives you hope. Belief gives you the courage to think you can. But belief don’t pay the bills. Belief will give you the vision for the work but belief doesn’t put [...]

The Upside of Problems

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Today, this very day, people you know have problems. They vary from relationship problems, job problems, financial problems. The bottom line is– People got problems. We call the big stuff like divorce, bankruptcy, cancer and losing a job CRISIS. We call our more common problems things like challenging, trials, hard times or “I’m not doing so great.” The [...]

Asking For Help Saved My Life

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Deep in the woods. Miles from anywhere or anyone that could offer help, the weather quickly changed from comfortable, mid 50 degrees to snowy and windy. The snow was unlike any I had ever seen before. It fell fast and hard and quickly accumulated on the ground. It fell like this for 30 minutes as we picked [...]

Some Endings Are Better Than Others

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All stories end. Some better than others. What’s your favorite ending to a story? My favorite endings are the one’s that end with the main character accomplishing his or her goal or experiencing victory. My least favorite endings are the stories where everyone dies at the end or the love of one goes unrequited by [...]

The Secret to Overcoming Failure [it's not what you think]

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Failing sucks. That’s cold hard truth. When you try your best at something, put forth your effort and fail to accomplish your goal, it hurts. It hurts in a way that few other things hurt. When we fail our hearts whisper “but I did my best” and we hear failure yell scornfully in reply “IT WASN’T GOOD ENOUGH.”