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Your Mom Cares About your Successes.

Your failures make better stories.

Called then Qualified

To those of you who are struggling with your calling, wanting desperately to be used by God but finding yourself gripped by fear, this post is for you.

5 Lessons from Millennial Leaders

A few days ago I had the great privilege of teaching at our local (Asheville, NC) YWAM base. It was a great experience as I sat on the teacher’s stool, my computer open and did the very best I could to talk to them the topic they asked me to teach – Leadership. I’ll be sharing some of the highlights from that talk over the next few posts but first I wanted to share the […]

Happy Father’s Day, Fellas!

Men, let me tell you. We’re doing a good job. I see father’s teaching their kids new things. I see dads working hadn’t in hand with moms to show their sons and daughters it’s ok to take risks, try new things and maybe even fail from time to time.

3 Attributes of a High Quality Coach

I’ve been encouraged by the uptick in personal, professional and ministry coaching in recent years. Young professionals in particular are seeing the benefits of seeking the wisdom and input of those who have gone before them.