Remember to Remember

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Maybe it’s the time of year that’s causing me to remember so much. Or maybe it’s the book I just finished, “The Last of the Doughboys”, which is a collection of interviews done in the early 2000’s of the last living soldiers of the first World War. Each person interviewed older than one hundred. Regardless […]

Three Ways to Be More Thankful


As a child and through my adolescent years ours was an average sized family. My extended family was relatively small. Many years our Thanksgiving meal was just my mom and dad, brother and sister, two grandparents and my uncle. There never were a bunch of us but the time together was very meaningful. What was […]

What are you waiting for?

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Well. What is it you’re waiting for? What’s it going to take to get you out the door and pursuing “that thing” that you’ve been daydreaming about but still putting off? Is it fear? Is it the lack of information? Is it the lack of support? Is it the lack of discipline? Is it the […]

You’re the One Writing This Story

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Friday nights I like to go to sleep without setting an alarm.  It’s not that I really want the extra sleep. It just makes for a fun Saturday morning. It’s interesting to see when my body will “naturally” wake up if I don’t interfere. It’s also a good gauge of how tired I am from […]

Coffee and Life

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It’s surprising to me that life’s basic ingredients don’t change. You have family, friends, jobs, schedules, places to be and things to do. Life is meals to put on the table, jobs to go to, homework to do with the kids, friends to meet for meals or coffee. As I look around, with some exceptions, but not as many as you would think, the lives of those around me are the same.