The Art of Kite Flying (and parenting)

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In kindergarten and first grade my family lived in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Before it was a prison it was a beautiful place for a family to live. Iguanas roamed the beaches in packs. Playgrounds were filled with young children. All children could wander the neighborhood. Even as young as we were we could play until […]

A Life Well Lived

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What are the signs of  life well lived? What are the indicators of a man or woman who has lived a life worth living? And most importantly how do we know we’re doing it right while we’re doing it. I ask these because we’re all doing it. Living. And we’re all living for something. Some […]

2014 A Year in Review


My preference is that life is a pretty picture. We’re provided the brushes, the paint, the inspiration. Our lives are our canvas, each day a brush stroke. Each brush stroke a memory. At the end of each year we could look back at our canvas and realize we’ve created a beautiful masterpiece. I would be […]

The Sound of a Broken Heart

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Saturdays are important. They are the mornings, the only mornings, that lounging is allowed and encouraged. There’s no one rushing to the breakfast table, no coordination of showers to ensure everyone gets enough hot water. No frantically trying to find socks, shoes and car keys. There are no lunches to be packed and backpacks to […]

Remember to Remember

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Maybe it’s the time of year that’s causing me to remember so much. Or maybe it’s the book I just finished, “The Last of the Doughboys”, which is a collection of interviews done in the early 2000’s of the last living soldiers of the first World War. Each person interviewed older than one hundred. Regardless […]