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3 Attributes of a High Quality Coach

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This post about coaching is part of a series on personal and professional coaching. I’ve been encouraged by the uptick in personal, professional and ministry coaching in recent years. Young professionals in particular are seeing the benefits of seeking the wisdom and input of those who have gone before them.

But still in some ways coaching is a foreign idea reserved for the elite or…pretentious. Maybe it’s just me but I’d feel pretentious to start a conversation “I was talking to my coach the other day…”.

We got to get over that. We have to realize that part of lifelong learning is allowing others to have a meaningful impact in our lives via professional, personal and ministry coaching.

What attributes make a good coach?

3 Attributes Of a Quality Coach

1. Trustworthy. A quality coaching relationship is built on trust. You will be sharing your successes and joys with your coach. You will also be sharing your pitfalls and failures. A high quality coach can not only point out the preferred path but will also address the issues of an undeveloped character, competency and capacity. You must trust your coach to not only address your shortcomings in a meaningful and constructive manner but to also provide a comfortable environment and confidentiality.

2. High Emotional Intelligence. A quality coach knows who she is and what she brings to the table. A quality coach knows his limitations and won’t speak into areas he has no business treading. Quality coaches leave their egos at the door and provide thoughtful insight. Beware of the coach that coaches to feed his or her ego. Beware of the coach that is concerned about another’s business or ministry being bigger or better than his.

3. Safe and Secure. A quality coach knows the different between pushing and breaking. A quality coach knows the limits of his student. Chose a coach you are comfortable with, that provides a challenge but also a safety net.

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