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5 Lessons from Millennial Leaders

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A few days ago I had the great privilege of teaching at our local (Asheville, NC) YWAM base. It was a great experience as I sat on the teacher’s stool, my computer open and did the very best I could to talk to them the topic they asked me to teach – Leadership. I’ll be sharing some of the highlights from that talk over the next few posts but first I wanted to share the lessons I learned from them.

These young people (millennials) have received training like this for months as they prepare for their month long trip to India to culminate their YWAM experience so they have become “seasoned learners” during this time. 

I was impressed by some tangible things they did.

They were on time. I knew I would be “coming in hot” as I had to drop off my kids in another part of town and according to my calculations I would be arriving to the base about 5 minutes before I was set to teach. This is 100% contradictory to my style as I would normally show up 20 minutes before but as a father of 3 juggling obligations this was what needed to happen. I arrived 5 minutes before and they were all there ready to learn.

I knew they were all ready to learn because they had a pen and notebook for notes. Nothing communicates the posture of a successful learner like being seated with a pen and notebook. I know in today’s time we are tempted to use our phone and we might even tell the other person “I’m taking notes on my phone” but it’s different and we all know it.

At the end of the time their leader tasked them with the job of reviewing their notes and then drawing out one thing that stuck out to them from my talk. One thing from 120 minutes of teaching is pretty humbling but they were able to clearly communicate one thing they had learned.

5 Lessons I learned from Millennial Leaders

  1. Leaders are learners and they are intentional about it.
  2. Leaders show up on time.
  3. Leaders write down what they need to know or want to review later.
  4. Leaders review what they have written.
  5. Leaders can clearly communicate the take aways from a given situation.

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