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6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Your Next Meeting

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Before your next meeting ask yourself these 6 Questions.

1. Why are we having this meeting?

If you can’t answer this question don’t have the meeting. “Because we have one every month” is not an acceptable answer.

2. Can I clearly articulate our plan via written agenda?

If the answer is no either cancel the meeting or put in the work so you can say yes. There’s a rule that says “never go to a meeting without an agenda” and I agree. Part 2 of that should be “never invite someone to a meeting without an agenda”.

3. Have the staff been clearly communicated with in enough time to properly prepare?

Staff should be well aware of upcoming meetings and expectations of them for the meeting. If the expectation on them is to “keep a chair warm” then don’t be offended when their only contribution to the meeting is a warm chair.

4. Can I cover the information and details in this meeting over email, phone call or text?

If the answer is yes then send the information via those methods and don’t hold the meeting.

5. Would I want to go to this meeting if I weren’t hosting it?

If the answer is no then host a better meeting. I use that word host on purpose. You’d never be happy to have people come to your house for dinner and just sit there and stay silent the whole time, or sit there and play on their phone, so why be content to have that happen to your meeting.

6. How much is this meeting costing me?

(number of staff x hourly rate of each staff member x length of meeting.) I once worked for a large non-profit that loved to do mostly useless quarterly all staff meetings. 120 employees x their hourly rate x a 4 hour meeting= $7000-$8000… to have a meeting that covered very little information and most often had a negative impact on staff engagement and morale.

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