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Unhappy? Blame Yourself

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Your system is producing the results it was perfectly designed to produce.

Systems don’t have a mind of their own. They don’t operate freely with their own agenda like some rogue artificial intelligence.

Systems operate within the confines they were designed.  Systems produce the results they were created to produce.

Which means…

If you aren’t getting the results you want…

  • Stop blaming outside influences. Start blaming your system.
  • Stop blaming people. Blame your system.
  • Stop blaming… anything but yourself. Start fixing your systems.


  • Your life is a system.
  • Your scheduling is a system.
  • Your social life and relationships are systems.

If you don’t like what your systems are producing STOP BLAMING.
START repairing or replacing your systems.

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I'm Nick Cerda; I help people take the next step to fulfill dreams and live better lives. My wife and I live in Asheville, North Carolina with our 3 children. Follow me on twitter, friend me on facebook, or email me.

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