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Called then Qualified

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He (God) calls you then he qualifies you. 

And sometimes not even then.

There’s a prevailing thought today that we are qualified by what we know or have experienced.

It is true that education can be useful and that experience is a great teacher.

I appreciate a car mechanic that has fixed a few cars before he touches mine or an air condition repair person who knows the ins and outs of coolant and compressors and all the other stuff that goes into air conditioner repair. I value a teacher that has been properly trained in teaching methods and learning styles.

The same is true in the church; a person who has learned to be a good student of the Bible and can exegete a text with skill makes a competent teacher. A worship leader who has skill at playing a musical instrument, understands the heart of God and the heart of His people creates an environment where God’s people can connect with His heart.


God calls you and then he qualifies you.

We often wish that phrase were “God qualifies you then he calls you”. But it’s not.

We know that God calls many people from many walks of life. He called a man with seemingly poor leadership style and no public speaking skill to lead His newly created nation out of slavery (Moses). He often used the youngest person of the smallest clan to lead His people back to God (Gideon). Jesus himself was born a Nazarene in a small obscure town of a roman province to a teen mother who had neither riches or fame. Paul, the greatest missionary of the christian faith, was both educated and equipped to be a scholar and a leader but God had to first strip him of the trappings of his titles and education before He would use him.

There are also times you will be called and never FEEL qualified. This is called humility. The moment you look around at the ministry God has called you too and begin to take credit for and begin to think to yourself “I deserve this” is the moment this ministry has become your god. The true God has a way of not allowing these gods to sink into the core of our hearts for very long.

There is a sweet spot of being in a calling deep enough to scare you but not too deep so that it overwhelms you. The reality is that God is most often glorified through us when he calls us to tread out into the deep waters.  It’s in these deep waters that we come to the end of ourselves, our natural skills and abilities reach their ends and our true reliance on God has to begin.

I’ve realized a number of times how easy it is to get and stay comfortable and how important it is to continue to actively tread out into the deep waters. Many years ago I preached a sermon for the first time. I was terrified. Over time and by the coaching and encouragement of others I am now a competent communicator of God’s word. I’m rarely nervous before I speak and certainly not terrified. I’m pleased with this progress and grateful God has chosen to continue to use me to communicate His truth to His people.

These days the deeper waters are still there I simply have to pray for the faith to venture into them. For now, in this moment, deep water means city-wide initiatives, efforts to reach out and improve our community, venturing into new places with what God has called us to do.

If you are one of the MANY people struggling with your calling and feeling qualified to do what God has called you to do I have

3 Reminders for you:

  • God qualifies the called.
  • God qualifies you as you are on your way and seldom before.
  • It’s in the deep waters that our reliance on Him intensifies and His glory can shine brighter.

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