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Garden or Grass

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Growing grass isn’t all that hard. It’s really as simple as throwing seed on decent soil, making sure the seed has a decent amount of water the first few days and grass will grow. The transformation is unreal, in the right conditions a bare patch of dirt can be a lush lawn in a matter of weeks.


That which you give value, you give time. That which you give time and tend will grow. 


Growing a garden is another story. The soil must be tilled and fertilized. The plants must be planted in rows, in the correct order, and near the correct plants. The garden must be watered properly and receive the right amount of sunlight. After the plants start growing the weeds must be pulled, some plants must supported by cages or lines. When the plants start to produce each vegetable or fruit must be harvested at the correct time. Too soon and it’s under ripe and virtually inedible. Too late and the produce is overripe and spoils on the vine or too quickly. The time commitment is intense and I’ve heard the reward is worth it.




Many want to treat  leadership and organizational culture like it’s grass when in reality it’s a garden. We want to throw down the seeds of leadership and watch it grow. We assume the variables for growth are right, we assume our values will take root and grow with little effort or previous effort.

Developing leadership and organizational culture requires constant care and attention. An eye must be kept on variables that can negatively impact the culture and nurture must be given to those things we want to grow. There is no day off and each decision matters for current and future growth. The quality of the produce is in direct correlation to the time spend tending.


  • What organizational values do you champion?
  • How much time do you spend tending the values you want to see grow?

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