Nick Cerda

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Permission to FAIL

I’m a runner. Many runners worst nightmare goes a little something like this. Every runner knows his or her pace. They know the pace they train at. They know their easy pace, their tempo pace and their interval pace. They know this because they’ve done it before. They’ve practiced at these paces. Scientifically they calculated their pace, they knew what they should be able to attain and then they did it. It’s been done before […]


I thought it appropriate for me to give a brief introduction of myself, my family and my passion in life but after that you’re on your own. I won’t wax eloquent on the post to come and I’m not going to censor my content to prevent from offending you. In fact deep down in side, or maybe it’s not so deep I hope I do offend you. Then me and you can have fierce e-battles. […]

You’re unique just like everyone else.

If you’re unique just like everyone else then you’ve been saturated with the things of God. Like Bible verses, bumper stickers, church services and christian t-shirts. If you’re like most then you believe in God, he’s up there, somewhere, doing something or perhaps nothing. Maybe he gets bored sometimes and decides to intervene with mankind. Maybe. It’s not that you don’t believe in God, it’s more that you have no idea what he (it’s?) up […]