Nick Cerda

Live well. Lead well.

What’s Your Problem?

We spend exponentially more time offering solutions to problems than we do trying to accurately diagnose. We spend so much time, energy and effort solving our problems but never stop to assess whether what we’re solving is REALLY the problem.

Two Ways to Overcome Failure

What you’re doing isn’t working. What you’re trying to do isn’t producing the results you intended.

The Art of Pointing Out a Problem

Pointing out a problem isn’t a valuable skill for you as a friend, spouse, employee, employer or for your organization.

Happy New Year

The new year is the time for new beginnings, new hopes, new dreams and new things to get done in the next 365 days. You already know that I’m going to talk about resolutions in this post, it is new years after all.

Nobody Believes

People like your vision. People appreciate your vision. People respect your vision. But nobody believes in your vision like you do.