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Status Quo or Status…Whoa

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This time of year, the few short weeks between Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year, is a tough time for someone whose focus is on productivity. The time is filled with family gatherings, parties, gift exchanges, and other random and token holiday events. These events are important. Spending time with family, friends and acquaintances is important but it also produces busyness of schedule. Busyness is always the enemy of productivity. (tweet that)

I recently read that the average American gains 7-10 pounds during the holiday season. Upon further research that statistic, like our waists, is actually inflated. The truth is the average American gains 1-2 pounds during the holiday season. Whew, that’s not so bad. The catch is the average American gains 1-2 pounds per year of their adult life that they are never able to lose. Yikes.


Holiday weight gain is a practical illustration of comparing status quo with status…whoa.

Status quo joins the gym the second of third week of January and quits less than a month later.
Status whoa keeps exercising consistently throughout the year.

Status quo approaches tasks as they come his/her way.
Status whoa prioritizes his/her time to give priority tasks priority time.

Status quo is easily distracted and easily interrupted during peak productivity time.
Status whoa creates an atmosphere that facilitates mental focus. (click that link – the article is very practical)

Status quo does typical things in typical ways that achieve typical results.
Status whoa has a dream that requires creativity, strategy and discipline.

Status quo has no plan for his or her life and tends to go with the flow or worse…someone else’s plan for you.
Status whoa has narrowed his or her life down to a few items of priority and lives with singular focus to accomplish that calling. I highly recommend Michael Hyatt’s resource Creating a Life Plan or a book by Craig Groeschel called Chazown.


The six weeks between Thanksgiving and New Years can be gap time. Time only spent being busy. It can also be time you’re gaining ground when everyone else is either losing ground or merely maintaining. Status quo or status whoa. You decide. 

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