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The Winning Formula

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When things are good and profits are up, employee morale is high and productivity is peaking, it’s easy to assume you’ve developed a winning formula. And you have. You’ve developed a winning formula for what you USE TO do.

The problem is you aren’t going what you used to do.

You’ve been successful and the very nature of success means you’ve moved on to the next level and this new level requires a new formula.

It’s easy to stay where things are good. But like that perfectly ripe banana on your counter good times have a shelf life. Let it sit for a day or two and it’ll be less appealing. In another week it’ll won’t be palatable.

What is there to do? You can live in fear and fight the change. You can keep working your once successful formula with diminishing or disastrous results. Or, you can adapt and change and discover that next winning formula.

About Nick Cerda

I'm Nick Cerda; I help people take the next step to fulfill dreams and live better lives. My wife and I live in Asheville, North Carolina with our 3 children. Follow me on twitter, friend me on facebook, or email me.

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