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What’s worse than anger?

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Cause I’d rather feel pain than nothing at all. Pain by Three Days Grace

The only pain is to feel nothing at all. A Man and a Woman by U2

Yes I’d rather hurt than feel nothing at all. Need You Now by Lady Antebellum

(A variation of that lyric is part of at least a half a dozen other popular songs.)


There are times our hurt and sadness leads to anger. There are times that injustice of a situation, for ourselves or others, drive us to anger. Once the exhilaration of anger wears off we often seek to medicate or stifle that anger, knowing it for the destructive emotion that it is. Anger must be processed and never disregarded, because there is something worse than anger. Contempt.

Anger and contempt are closely related. Contempt is the most dangerous of the two and possibly the most dangerous emotion the human is capable. Contempt allows you to consider another capable of being disregarded and undeserving of your time, and emotions. When someone repeatedly angers you and repeatedly hurts you it’s tempting to disregard them, to allow your emotions to move from anger to contempt. Those that do not benefit, feed or serve to better they are cut out and eliminated, a culling of the emotional herd so to speak. I believe the greatest human atrocities we caused by contempt, the degrading of humans to something that is sub-human which then gives permission to commit atrocities.

You may not be committing the kind of atrocities read about on the news but the destruction of your personal contempt to others must be considered.

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