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Who’s looking at you in the mirror?

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I’d never leave the house without looking in the mirror. Most people wouldn’t. My normal  morning routine includes a shower, possibly a shave and a mirror check for anything that needs to be addressed. Some mornings, if I know I’ll be exercising first thing, I skip the shower and go straight for the mirror check. Without fail this happens every day.


Why limit this act of discipline to just the physical arena? The physical side is most obvious, it’s the side everyone sees. But there’s a whole other side of me that needs to be addressed as well. My character, my soul- the thing that gives me purpose and in which I place my identity is in need of care as well.

I’ve been reminded lately how important this “mirror check” is to fight to keep a daily discipline. It’s startling how long it’s possible to go through life without taking some time to look at the things I’m doing. The things I’ve made priority and the things I’ve let slip. As someone who takes comfort in knowing my purpose I’m shocked at how hard it can be to keep that purpose in focus.

What does your daily discipline of reflection look like? What questions are you asking yourself? Who or what is your model? 

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  • Scott Harrell

    That is a very thought provoking! I am teaching a adult Sunday school class from the book of James, and one of my most favorite verses is James 1:22-25. Thank you for sharing this post!!

    • Nick Cerda

      I’m glad you were able to find it and find it useful. James is such a challenging and convicting book, that’s for sure!

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