New for 2019

I’ve been a blogger for as long as I can remember. I’m not saying they were good. I’m not saying I was always consistent. But for the past 14 years I’ve been writing on a regular basis. I’ve had a blog on typepad, wordpress and probably a few other platforms I’m not even remembering. Most recently I was on wordpress. Something happened. I let something lapse and now I can’t find my blog. None of it.

At first I panicked and scrambled to find it. I checked email archives, I searched for a back up that I thought I was making. Nothing.

Once the panic faded I found hope in it. Hope to start anew. I’ve always written about leadership. I read a lot on leadership. I love leadership, being a leader and empowering other leaders. Most recently in my life I’ve felt the strong desire to empower leaders within my generation and the generation following me. As I proceed with my career in the church I see myself hiring younger and younger people not to “one day” have them lead but to watch them lead now.

So that’s what this site is going to be about- empowering generations of leaders because