Great Mondays

Great Mondays by Josh Levine

I had high hopes for this book and was looking to it for some direct application about shaping culture at where I work, Fellowship Asheville. The first 2/3 of this book really felt like a waste. He got into topics like vision, purpose and values (which I was excited about) but either didn’t get into them deep enough or failed to drive home their importance. I had the feeling the author’s strength is doing workshops or hands on training and not in writing.

With that said the last few chapters of the book were useful and sparked that creativity in my mind with interacting and encouraging my team.

My highlights from the book:

  • Success is no longer just about making money, today it’s about finding meaning.

  • Today work should be much more than a means to an end. We owe it to our families, and ourselves, to love what we do.

  • What is professional success these days? It’s finding a more meaningful life through work.

  • If you want something to change in your organization, first ask what shifts you can make that might happily spread to your team.

  • culture is the only sustainable competitive advantage businesses have.

  • Glassdoor reports that culture and leadership are three times more important to employees than salary.

  • Step back and ask your team, why does your company matter? Why will it be remembered?

  • Purpose answers the question “Why work?”

  • They guide the choices each person, team, and business unit makes within an organization as they strive to achieve their shared goals.

  • Most organizational values end up being generic because, well, it’s easier to get to the obvious ones.

  • When they are at their best, reasonable people will make choices that benefit the organization.

  • observed that the managers who are the best coaches often have coaches themselves.

  • A shared history between people fosters trust.

  • A ritual is a recurring group activity designed to build and strengthen relationships.

  • team meetings start with a check-in round, where people share a quick update about themselves.

  • A GREAT RITUAL is authentic fosters new relationships is recurring is supported by the company might scale is made a priority has a “why” that is understood

  • Study after study reveals that diverse workplaces are the most attractive, effective, creative, and successful.

  • To baby boomers, it may seem like coddling, but giving people the space to have feelings and to be themselves at work is the new norm.

  • As leaders expect people to commit more to work, people are expecting more from their leaders.

  • The truth is no one ever really left anything at the door anyhow.

  • For the next generation now entering the workforce, there is no difference between work and life. There is no difference between their desk at home, a table at a coffee shop, and a conference room in an office.