6 Ways to Slay Your Ego In Leadership

Ego is ugly and leads to destruction.
Every. Time.

Ego needs to be right no matter the cost. Ego needs to be fed no matter the sacrifice. The problem is ego is self, self is our default SOP.

Ego demeans those under your leadership.
Ego undermines quality relationships.
Ego destroys.

Get it before it gets you.

Here are 6 thoughts on how to get started slaying ego driven leadership in your life.

1. Be replaceable. There's one thought that I think will begin to loosen the hold on your ego faster than any other. "Who here can do it better?" and then let them do it. Attitude here is everything. There's a way to do this that actually feeds your ego. You pretend you can't be bothered. You pretend these tasks are below you. And when you do this everyone sees right through you.

Find the best person for every job. Even the ones you think only you can do.

2. Hold "it" with an open hand. The ambiguous IT. It can be a title, a position, a task, a material possession and even a relationship. It is that thing that when you see someone trying to take it, think it's threatened or feel it slipping from your grasp you squeeze it tighter.

But like sand the tighter you squeeze it the move you lose of it.

3. Take blame. You might be under the false assumption that good leaders never make mistakes or do anything wrong. That's completely false. Great leaders make mistakes. Probably often. But what makes them great isn't the mistakes or even overcoming them. It's ADMITTING the mistakes, taking ownership and learning.

And the real ego buster. Own other's mistakes too. Admit when you weren't clear enough, didn't give enough instruction, abdicated rather than delegated, or micromanaged.

4. Give credit. If you're in the leadership arena for credit I'm gonna tell you this right now. You're in the wrong arena. Leaders give not get credit. And when they do get credit they are quick to give it away. Use credit, accolades and praise directed toward you to point out the wins of your team. Praise individuals with it. Boost others- often!

5. Never make it about you to begin with. The best way to do all of these ego busting things is to never make it about you anyway. Life isn't about your happiness, life isn't about building you up. It's about serving others, making the world and other's lives better. It's about being poured out and used up. And oddly enough in living that way you do find contentment, peace and happiness.

6. Do the little things. Take out the trash, straighten up the bathroom, serve where others don't see. Don't do it to be seen, or to prove yourself. Do it to keep yourself humble. Great leaders eat last!