Finish- Give Yourself the Gift of Done

Finish by Jon Acuff

It’s fitting that this is the first book I’ve finished in several attempts. (see what I did there) I’ve heard Jon Acuff more than a few times at Rethink Conference, Orange Conference and Catalyst. I find his instagram both useful and hilarious. You might remember him from Stuff Christians Like OG christian satire and dare I say he paved the way for babylonbee.

This was a quick read. Useful and it hit home with not only highly practical tips on how to view goals and habits but also the lies we tell ourselves about each of these and life overall. I have very few highlights from this but get it. It’s a good one!

  • While researching this book, I asked a thousand people in an online poll if they had ever refused to even write down an idea because they judged it as not good enough. I thought maybe I was the only one who had a perfectionism filter that sorted ideas before they were allowed to hit a piece of paper. More than 97 percent of the participants said they had done that.

  • Do you know what will serve you far longer than perfectionism ever could? Moving forward imperfectly.

  • The problem is that perfectionism magnifies your mistakes and minimizes your progress.

  • Few things demoralize a workforce like a leader who doesn’t pick the right-sized goal.

  • Kids are a crisis. They’re a beautiful crisis, but they’re a crisis nonetheless. No one tells you this because they want you to have kids, too, so that the species survives.

  • the shortcut is “make it fun if you want it done.”

  • You’ll never finish anything, though, if you wait to be inspired.

  • And most of the worst decisions you’ve ever made were made alone.

  • The bigger rule was “For something to count, it has to be difficult.”

  • one of perfectionism’s chief goals is to isolate you.

  • You are smarter than a hamster.