Letters to the Church

Francis Chan

I’m a big fan of Francis Chan. I first heard him speak at a national youth conference in 2004. It’s been interesting to see his journey through “church world” from mega church pastor, to missionary and now working on a new (old) model of church.

This book highlights the model he is proposing. Talks about their non negotiables. He does a great job drawing attention to the shortcomings of the current church model without being aggressive toward it. After all he was a mega church pastor for plenty of years.

My highlights from this book:

  • Your church model often communicates your true theology.

     “The theology that matters is not the theology we profess but the theology we practice.”

  • We don’t really expect God to move, so we fill our gatherings with exciting elements that will entertain people even if God does nothing.

  • We can’t keep increasing production as a substitute for genuine expressions of the Spirit in ordinary, nonprofessional people.

  • without deadlines, not much gets done.

  • Blindly insisting on our current models might not be that different from trying to maintain a Blockbuster video store in the age of Netflix.

  • When people see there are no professionals, they are more likely to step up and use the gifts they have.

  • God wants the Church to be the one institution that loves authority.

  • Reasonable people do not aid your growth in the same way arrogant people do.

  • We can cause real damage to our churches when we want our feelings validated more than we want His Bride elevated.

  • Proud people can be hard to live with, but avoiding them is not an option.

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