Hi. I’m Nick. It’s good to meet you.

If you’re new here let me start by saying this. I believe a good leader changes everything. I also believe most people want to be a good leader and add value to the lives of those they lead.

But…we know how life is. We know that left on its own leadership degrades, it loses impact, and will soon become unhealthy. In short, life happens.

This site is about changing that. Through shared articles, blog posts, videos and other media we can turn the tide of leadership.

A good leader changes EVERYTHING.

So now it gets real. I was born in 1979, at the very end of generation x. According to research I’m part of the micro generation tucked between gen x and the millennial generations. They call us the xennials (those born between 1977-1983). To put this in perspective I was born and raised by baby boomers (1946-1964) but strongly influenced by my Grandparents who were born 1915 and 1925 (my grandma was an og cougar) represented the “greatest generation”.

Why am I tell you all of this?

Because when I entered into the workplace I was being led by boomers, then gen x’ers. It didn’t take me too long to realize I didn’t quite fit into either generation or their style of leadership. Their values weren’t always mine and I saw areas that didn’t resonate with me. In a few short years when I began to earn some areas of leadership the millennials came into my workplace and it was then I realize I stood straddling the lines of two generations.

My hope is that this site speaks to both, or rather, all three of these generations- x, xennial and millennial.